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Marriage Counseling

When we get married we dream of having a happily ever after, we quickly realize there are a few things we did not know about our partner that are now an obstacle to achieve that happiness or we find out that our partner has been unfaithful. All these experiences can be hurtful and leave us in a state of desperation to have a marriage go back to what it used to be. 

At Spring Oaks Counseling we want to help you rebuild your marriage a create an even better marriage that you had before the difficulties settled in. 

Our approach to counseling is direct, honest and relational. We will help you learn skills to communicate better, understanding dynamics in your marriage that are hurting your connection and dig deeper to understand where these patterns started.

Couples Therapy
Children Play

Children Play Therapy

Play therapy refers to a large number of treatment methods, all applying the therapeutic benefits of play. Play therapy helps children to address and resolve their own problems and builds on the natural way that children learn about themselves and their relationships in the world around them.

Therapy for trauma and PTSD

Are you struggling to recover from a traumatic event? Our mental health counseling practice offers therapy for PTSD and trauma, using evidence-based practices to provide support and healing.


Our providers are trained in cognitive processing therapy, helping you overcome the impact of traumatizing events in your life. Let us help guide you on your journey to recovery.

Friendly Conversation

Psychological Evaluations for Immigration

At our mental health counseling center, we specialize in providing psychological evaluations for immigration cases. These evaluations can help in determining eligibility for certain visas or can be requested by attorneys to strengthen your case. Our providers are knowledgeable and experienced in conducting these evaluations and will work with you to provide a professional and thorough assessment.

  • Asylum

  • U-Visa

  • Extreme Hardship (I-601, I-601A, I-212, and I-612)

  • T-Visa

  • VAWA

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